Professional Expectations

During the academic year:

Continually update your professional development activities on the Faculty Evaluation Input Form (link located on the Economics Department web page). 

All ACC faculty are required to complete professional development each academic year. Full-time faculty are required to complete twelve hours of professional development and adjunct faculty are required to complete four hours of professional development each academic year.

Each semester:

Update office hours on web by using link (Office Hours Input/Update) from Economics Department web page. 

Keep abreast of developments within the Department by relying on Task Force meeting minutes (found on the Social Sciences web page as well as sent to each faculty member).

Fall semester:

Retain copies of your course materials to submit to the Task Force Evaluation Committee in the Spring semester as part of your teaching portfolio. 

Conduct student evaluations. 

Administer Task Force approved exit exam as part of the ongoing student assessment process.

Spring Semester:

Submit course materials from Fall semester, along with your course narrative to the Task Force's Faculty Evaluation committee. 

Submit Faculty Evaluation Input form. 

Update textbook selection for all the courses you teach by using the link on the Economics Department web page after the approved textbook list for the next academic year is ratified by the Task Force (textbook selection form). 

Record Keeping:

In order to successfully answer student questions and settle possible grade disputes, faculty should maintain adequate records from their courses. The following are suggestions for record keeping: 

Retain copies of your old syllabi and class grade sheets (with actual test & paper scores) for at least 5 years. This helps with grade & withdrawal disputes. When a student comes back years later and states that the instructor should have withdrawn him or her for non-attendance or for some other reason, and the instructor has no record of their syllabus with withdrawal policy in it, this puts the instructor and the college in an awkward situation. Try to keep good records and clearly state your policies in your syllabus. 

Retain student materials that students did not pick up during the semester for at least one year. This is when most of the protests occur and the most disagreement is over how the student really did in the course. Memories are unclear, and a paper trail helps tremendously. 

Assigning course grades should be done carefully, and changing final course grades should only occur when there is a true injustice involved. 

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Last updated on June 7, 2006
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