Full-Time Faculty
Name Email address ACC Phone Number Office
Andron, Geoffrey gandron 223-3387 RGC 2-C

Booth, Mary Beth 

(Asst. Chair)

mbooth 223-4023 NRG 2145 
Bucco, Jack A jbucco 223-3393 RGC 211
Davis, Clint  cdavis 223-3389  RGC Attache 207 
Forney, Michael  mforney 223-6707 RVS A 2273
Jonnson, Don djonsson 223-3051  RGC PeachTree 2F
Kumassah, Livingstone stone 223-4766  NRG 2131
Pintar, Elizabeth lpintar 223-4228 NRG 2130 
Sidoryanskaya,Marianna msidorya 223-1795x 22461 CYP
Slivinske, Alec alslivin 223-4765 NRG 2128 
Sondgeroth, James
jason 223-8135  PIN 1029 


Official Adjunct Faculty Representatives
 Bell, Karen  kbell  223-1795x 22595  RGC Attache 207
Chipley, Mary mchipley 413-4868 RGC
Croxdale, Richard rcroxdal 223-3404 RGC
Hayman, Carol chayman 223-3403 RGC
Heiden, Sherry sheiden 223-8132 PIN
 Hill, James  jhill  223-1795X 22224  PIN
Lee, Tony atlee 223-8132 RGC
 Pool, Michael  mpool  223-1795x 22402  RGC
Setayesh, Mehrdad msetayes 837-1401 NRG
Tompkins,Donald dtompkin 468-7541 CYP


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