The Social Sciences Task Force is composed of each Full-Time Social Sciences (Anthropology, Economics, and Geography) instructor plus adjunct voting representatives chosen among the Adjunct Faculty. Any Adjunct Faculty member may attend Task Force meetings, but only designated representatives may vote. Under college policy, the number of Adjunct members on the Task Force cannot exceed 50% of the total number of Full-Time Faculty. 

The Chair of the Task Force is chosen annually in an election by Full-Time Faculty only. The chair calls and conducts the meetings of the Task Force. The Task Force meets regularly to conduct the business of the discipline and to ensure college-wide agreement among the Faculty on goals, procedures, decisions and policies. In assisting the Chair to accomplish the goals of the Task Force, the following committees have been created for the 2005-2006 academic year. 

Assessment of Student Learning Committee

Develop & monitor a comprehensive assessment system as part of the College's ongoing institutional effectiveness plan. 

Review & recommend, as appropriate, revisions of all program requirements, catalog descriptions, and prerequisites for courses, including reading, writing, and math requirements. 

Develop common student learning outcomes for courses. 

Undertake systematic program review within the College's program evaluation system. 

Participate in student advising and the planning and design of degree plans 

Create assessment instrument  to be administered each Fall semester to all Social Sciences sections. 

Faculty Evaluation Committee

Conduct evaluation of all adjunct faculty in the discipline by examining portfolios, course narratives, and student evaluations. 

Assist with full time faculty evaluation by examining & evaluating portfolios and narratives. 

Develop adjunct eligibility list each semester, including "highest priority to hire" list. 

Adjunct Faculty Committee

Evaluate applicants for adjunct faculty positions, including all applicants referred by Human Resources to ensure minimum SAC's criteria are met. 

Interview qualified adjunct applicants and make recommendations to the Task Force chair regarding eligibility. 

Serve as a liaison and resource to adjunct faculty in the discipline. 

Membership of each committee will be determined by the Task Force Chair and be posted on the Social Sciences web page. 

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