Administrative Rules

Subject:   Library Services Material Selection AR# 4.02.003
Based on Board Policy: D-2, Academic Freedom & Responsibility
Approved by Council/President: Academic and Campus Affairs Council
Date Approved/Amended: 07/07/1980; amended 03/09/87, 09/14/92, 12/01/00, 02/02/07


Value Statement  

The Austin Community College District Library Services develops a materials collection to provide the educational resources necessary to support the mission of the Austin Community College District.  

Administrative Rule  

A.   Philosophy of Selection

Library Services seeks to provide a multimedia collection that reflects the purpose of the College, courses offered, varied teaching methods, and needs of the students, faculty, and staff. Library Services seeks to develop a collection of sufficient size and type to meet the needs of its users, but does not seek to build a comprehensive or research collection in any one subject area.

B.   Responsibilities of Selection

The Dean of Library Services is responsible for final purchase decisions based on the criteria outlined in this Administrative Rule and in Library Services materials selection guidelines.  Guidelines and Procedures for materials selection are developed by the Library Services Collection Development Committee for the Library Leadership Team, with final approval by the Dean of Library Services and, as needed, the Associate Vice President for Instructional Resources and Technology.  Library and Media subject specialists are responsible for collection development in specific subject areas, as well as coordination and balance of the collection as a whole.  Subject specialists will work closely with faculty in coordinating the selection of materials and helping to build a collection that reflects the resources needed by the College.  Recommendations from classroom faculty in areas of expertise are given priority consideration.  

C.   Materials Considered for Acquisition 

Materials that are directly curriculum related are considered first for acquisition.  These include items needed for class assignments, supplemental materials, reference materials, and bibliographic tools that will facilitate finding and using such materials. 

After primary needs have been met, consideration will be given to materials that meet special needs or interests of students, faculty and staff. 

D.   Materials Not Considered for Acquisition 

The following types of materials are generally not considered for acquisition: 

    1.    Required textbooks and lab manuals

    2.    Specialized technical books or research materials beyond the needs of the students.

    3.    Rare materials, or limited editions

    4.    Resources that are cost-prohibitive to purchase and can be rented or licensed for a reasonable price.

    5.    Foreign language materials, except those that support ACC foreign language classes.

    6.    Out-of-print materials are purchased under special circumstances only. 

E.   Gifts 

The same selection standards apply to gifts as to the rest of the collection.  Library Services reserves the right to refuse materials and/or to dispose of any materials after acceptance that do not meet the College’s needs or requirements according to stated College Policy for disposition of materials.  The College does not independently verify the stated value, nor is it able to list titles donated, but may respond to the donor with a letter verifying the number of items donated.

F.   Maintenance of the Collection

    1.   Collection Maintenance and Evaluation

          An essential element of collection maintenance is the systematic and periodic weeding of all formats of materials from the collection.  Weeding is conducted with same degree of

          attention as initial selection.

    2.   Lost Items and Replacement

          Resources that are missing, lost, or withdrawn because of wear are replaced with the same degree of attention as initial selection. 

G.   Intellectual Freedom Statement 

The Library Services staff supports the American Library Association's Bill of Rights and its concept of intellectual freedom.  Library Services attempts to purchase materials that represent differing points of view on controversial matters.  Subjects will be considered without prejudice or censorship when determining the balance of the collection as long as they fit into the general collection criteria of Library Services.    

H.   Challenges to Library Services Materials  

Materials that have been added to the collection are not withdrawn based on the request of any individual or group.  Similarly, materials are not added to the collection outside the guidelines of this Administrative Rule and the Library Services materials selection guidelines.   

The Library Services “Challenges to Library Materials” procedure allows an individual to object to materials in the Library Services collections.  The procedure provides for a review of the materials in question in light of Library Services selection criteria as delineated in this Administrative Rule and in the Library Services materials selection guidelines


President/CEO:   Stephen B. Kinslow Date:  07/09/07